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About Us

The TONI Connection

Welcome to The TONI Connection. A Colorado based 501c3 non profit organization dedicated to the legacy of Toni Clark who was killed during a domestic violence incident on February 17th, 2008.

Toni’s Story

our mission

The TONI Connection is working to create programs to take into our local Intermediate and High schools to talk to both students, parents and teachers, about the warning signs of relationship abuse.

our focus

We create workshops and give presentations to groups outside of the educational system also, helping them understand how to identify domestic violence warning signs in relationships and how/where to get help. Our presentations are typically directed towards adults and teens.

We also work with community groups to assemble emergency supply bags for victims of domestic violence. Victims Advocates, shelters and other organizations will distribute these when a victim is in need.

The TONI Connection has also started a college scholarship program and has awarded 5 scholarships since our inception.

Your financial support through fund raisers and direct donations will help us reach these goals.